A few of the many Enzo Offspring

If you have an Enzo Offspring I'd like to hear about your dog and please send me a picture to add to this page ..... thks.

Rifle is an excelent example of an Enzo pup. NAVHDA UT prize I, AKC MH. Rifle will soon be back at Indian Brook Kennel getting ready for the 2006 NAVHDA Invitational


Hauss at 9 months. NA prize I and will be at Indian Brook for training early in 2006 getting ready for NAVHDA UT and AKC testing

Cody at 9 months, destine to be one of the top Enzo Offspring. NA prize I

Enzo Daughter at 7 mo. Head high style and intensity that is a trademark of Enzo Offspring



Arron displays the style and intensity trates passed on thru Enzo


Rock Hills Riley sent in by Brandon from Oregon. ' Linebred Enzo.  She is an awesome dog. '

Tom Swezey

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